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Copper disodium EDTA
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product name: Copper disodium EDTA
 other name: copper disodium edta;Copper disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate;ETA-NA2-CU TETRAHYDRATE;EDTA-2NACU TETRAHYDRATE;ETHYLENEDIAMINETETRAACETIC ACID DISODIUM COPPER SALT (TETRAHYDRATE);ETHYLENEDIAMINETETRAACETIC ACID COPPER DISODIUM SALT TETRAHYDRATE;((ethylenedinitrilo)tetraacetato)cuprate(2-)disodium;((ethylenedinitrilo)tetraacetato)-cuprate(2-disodium
 Appearance:Copper powder blue
 main performance: a stable water-soluble metal chelate, wherein the copper in the presence of water-soluble chelated state: about 1200g / l (20 ℃) about 1700g / l (80℃)
 Bulk density: about 625Kg / m3
 environment : biodegradability: difficult chemical oxygen demand (COD) value: about 560mg / g
 EC No.:237-864-5

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