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Zinc methionine sulfate
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product name: Zinc methionine sulfate
other name: OPTIZINC;OPTIZINC(TM);ZINC METHIONINE SULFATE;ZINC MONOMETHIONINE;ZINC MONOMETHIONINE SULFATE;zinc 2-amino-4-methylsulfanylbutanoic acid sulfate;Hydrogen (L-methioninato-N,O,S)(sulphato(2-)-O)zincate(1-);hydrogen (CL-methioninato-N,O,S)[sulphato(2-)-O]zincate(1-)
package: 25kg/bag

Assay: 20.0%min
appearance: white power
usage: feed supplement Organic zinc methionine unique five-membered ring structure neutral zinc ions, changing the inorganic zinc ions carried through the intestinal wall is difficult to positively charged negatively charged and intimal deposition of the phenomenon, the absorption rate increased significantly, inorganic zinc 2-4 times.The main indicators of nutrients]Appearance: white or off-white powder with a special flavor of methionine.Organic zinc content ≥15% of the total amino acid methionine content ≥35% ≥40%Aspartic acid threonine 0.87% 2.51% 0.59% phenylalanine, tyrosine 1.57%Lysine, serine 0.92% 2.80% 2.78% proline-glutamic acid 0.98%1.41% 0.96% glycine, alanine, arginine, histidine 1.90% 1.10%Cystine 0.51% 0.22% isoleucine, valine, leucine 1.49% 2.68%Methionine 35.32%[Features & Effects]1, the product is rich in methionine and organic trace minerals for animal digestion and absorption, improve feed utilization. And vitamins, antibiotics and commonly used drugs while using no incompatibility.2, to improve palatability, significantly increased feed intake, promote growth. Enhance immune function, reduce piglet diarrhea, nutrition and skin epithelial tissue, improve coat gloss.3, to maintain the integrity of the livestock reproductive organs, sperm quality increased activity.4, to improve animal hoof health, promote protein and carbohydrate metabolism and the like.[Recommended dosage]Cow pig 300-500g 300-600g 300-500g aquatic birds 200-400g 
package: 25kg/bag,(Within the two layers of plastic bags, kraft paper bag for external use only),At room temperature, dry, avoid light, ventilated place. Shelf life two years。

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